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2014 June LOSH Baby Shower
2014 June LOSH Baby Shower
On Monday, June 16, 2014 the Ladies of Sacred Heart held a baby shower for a young mother to be who has literally lost everything in recent weeks -- car, job, house, and most tragically, the father of her unborn baby.  The shower was organized by Cathy Ament, Family Assistance Committee, and attended by about 30 women representing our Guilds and membership who participated in responding to the needs of this expectant mother and neighbor.  

The mother-to-be couldn't attend in person, too full of sorrow to join in the shower with burial of the baby's father upcoming in two days. Gathered together with all the presents, the story of this neighbor in need was told to the women present.  A special prayer written by Deacon John, a blessing for both the mother and the baby, was recited.  It reflected the power of God's love and the power of practicing to love one's neighbor in very real terms.  

Everyone joined in the food and drink and lively stories followed about participants' memories of their first child being born. Some of the stories were hysterical, some were spiritual, all brought lifting of hearts and sprits and good will.

Everyone then signed the giant baby shower card and Sheila Harrison took photos of the gathering.  Three carloads of presents were delivered to the recipient's home.  Her neighbors, husband, wife, and 4-year-old daughter helped unload and take in all the gifts. The LOSH representatives delivering the shower gifts told our mom-to-be that our group fully understood why she could not attend in person.  Then everyone prayed with their arms outstretched including the little girl who said "me too" as she reached her arms over the as yet unborn baby.

With this shower, our recipient neighbor felt the love of women she did not know in her time of sorrow and loss as well as new beginnings and new joy in the anticipated birth of a son.  She felt the balm of neighborly love and prayer and generosity help her overcome the pain of her loss, as we, the participants, felt the gift of love flowing out from our organization in praise of our God and our faith.  May we all continue the prayers for this neighbor that she may continue to feel the love of the Father reach into her heart and into all the hearts of good neighbors everywhere.  

Gifts included:
Baby washcloths, towels, burb towels, newborn undershirts and onesies.
Crib sheets and baby clothes for 3 month olds, socks, sun hat, and even baby sunglasses
Changing table with pad and 6 month clothes for the cooler months
Receiving blankets and crib blankets and 6 month clothes for cool weather
Bumper pads for crib and 6-9 month clothing
Digital thermometer and 9 month clothing
Jacket/snow suit, hat, for 9 month old
Diabers, pacifier, wipes, lotion, vaseline, A&D ointment, shampoo, baby tylenol, Q-tips, nasal aspirator.

Also provided were baby bed and car seat furnished by ChangePoint (pregnancy counseling) in Hot Springs, and a monetary gift from the Sacred Heart Respect Life Committee.  The Family Asssistance Committee of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church organized the Baby Shower.  The Family Assistance Committee is newly formed and funded by Sacred Heart Social Justice committe to assist needy families identified by parishioners and/or local institutions or authorities.

Photos: kindness of Sheila Harrison