Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church - Hot Springs Village, AR
Wardrobe consultant, Joyce Gallagher, and her assistant Georgia Janush.
Wardrobe consultant, Joyce Gallagher, and her assistant Georgia Janush.
The Ladies of Sacred Heart began their 2012-2013 year on September 10, 2012 with a wonderfully informative and entertaining program featuring Wardrobe Consultant Joyce Gallagher who demonstrated how to create fabulous new looks by using articles of clothing and accessories from our own closets.  
Revealing that most of us only use about twenty percent of our wardrobe, Ms. Gallagher confessed that she, like many others, had in the past purchased attractive clothing that didn’t seem quite as attractive once hanging in her closet – not a flattering color or style for the individual, not the right fit, etc. 
Donate what isn’t right, and enjoy more space for the items that suit us best was her advice.  Furthermore, of the twenty percent we still enjoy wearing, Ms. Gallagher explained ways to expand the “look” of a single outfit by accessorizing in a multitude of different ways.
Ms. Gallagher, assisted by LOSH member Georgia Janush, demonstrated the effective use of bright colored toppers, scarves or jewelry to completely remake the appearance of the pair of taupe pants and matching taupe shell displayed on a dress form on stage.  The single simple outfit could be dressed up or dressed down appropriately for any occasion. 
Ms. Gallagher showed how easily one can enhance the same basic pants and shell into many different looks using things already in our wardrobes.  She also demonstrated ways to drape or tie scarves in very attractive ways that gave dramatic new pizzazz to the most elementary styles.
This program was a great beginning of the new year for members and guests of the Ladies of Sacred Heart.  Click the Photos tab for more pictures of this event.